Fall 2017 Undergraduate Courses

BIOMED 1010: Biomedical Career Explorations
An introductory course for students interested in a career or different career in biomedical sciences. (1 cr hr) example syllabus

BIOMED 2230: Animal Sanitation and Disease Prevention
Methods for preventing transmission of disease in production animals. (3 cr hr) example syllabus

BIOMED 3000: Specialty Careers for Veterinary Technicians
Potential clinical and non-clinical specialty careers for graduate veterinary technicians. (1 cr hr) example syllabus

BIOMED 3100: Biomedical Pathophysiology
An introduction to how diseases affect body functions. (3 cr hr) example syllabus

BIOMED 3300: Animal Welfare and Ethics
Ethical issues related to domestic animal welfare.  (3 cr hr)

BIOMED 3326: Comparative Pharmacology
General principles of pharmacodynamics in domesticated animals. (3 cr hr) example syllabus

BIOMED 4110: Veterinary Cytology
Microscopic antemortem evaluation of cells of the body . (2 cr hr) example syllabus

BIOMED 4120: Principles of Toxicology
External poisons effects on the body. (3 cr hr) example syllabus

BIOMED 4400: Veterinary Surgical Nursing
Perisurgical care for surgery patients. (3 cr hr)